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A Company of Firsts

For more than 30 years, R.S. Technical Services, Inc. has been the consistent leader in designing and manufacturing single conductor CCTV remote camera technology for infrastructure inspection and assessment in applications including: wastewater, storm water, potable water and industrial.

Always On The Cutting Edge

A company of “firsts,” RST has pioneered many capabilities now considered essential in video pipeline inspection camera technology. As our pipeline inspection industry customers’ needs have changed, RST’s research and development team has been right there, evolving our engineering and design to provide you with rugged, dependable pipeline inspection equipment that stands up to the rugged environments they must operate in.

Our Recent Video Pipeline Inspection Innovations

RodStar CCTV Lateral Camera

RodStar CCTV Lateral Camera

RST Helix - Advanced Manhole Inspection

RST Helix – Advanced Manhole Inspection

CCTV Inspection Van (Ford Transit)

CCTV Inspection Van (Ford Transit)

Who We Are, What We Do, Where We're Headed

The Single Solution Provider

No need to waste time, money and effort looking for the right mix of equipment vendors. Interchangeable components, backwards and forwards compatibility across our product line and minimal downtime allow RST camera owners to easily maintain, upgrade and extend the capabilities of their remote inspection equipment, without the need to replace the entire system.

Get More. Do More. RST.

Specialty cameras for well inspection, laterals, laser and sonar profiling systems are available to round out your infrastructure assessment toolbox and create equipment configurations to meet ever-changing inspection requirements. Custom installations are available for a wide variety of vehicle configurations, including high cube trucks, step vans, extended cargo vans, ATVs and trailers. We also offer self-contained configurations created expressly for easement work, or for those needing total portability in a mainline inspection system.

Why Single Conductor?

Single Conductor technology offers more cost advantages than you might think. Interchangeability of components, backwards and forwards compatibility and minimal downtime are just some of the benefits that come with owning and operating an R.S. Technical Services system. RST's Single Conductor systems have always been considered the cutting edge technology of the pipeline video inspection industry for the following reasons...

The Single Conductor Solution Advantage

The cable is smaller, normally ¼ inch in diameter and stronger than any of the reinforced multi-conductor cables. Single conductor cable has a break strength greater than 5,000 lbs when the typical multi-conductor cable has a break strength of 2,000 lbs or less.

Maintaining our course in video pipeline inspection equipment innovation…

As always, RST understands that while excellent quality and performance are critical to happy customers, the way we conduct our video pipeline inspection equipment business continues to drive our high rate of client retention. We remain determined to provide exceptional customer care before, during and after the sale. RST takes pride in our commitment to keep you productive, because we know lost time is lost money. Under the leadership of a second generation of the founding Sutliff family, we continue to innovate on the bleeding edge of CCTV technology. We’re making significant investments in our own infrastructure, staff and logistics to make sure you always have what you need, when and where you need it. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of this industry, and make it a point to lead the way in durable remote inspection equipment that always proves an investment instead of an expense.