Above and Beyond: Alternative Product Uses

We know our customers are smart, resourceful people. When they let us know of alternative ways they’re using our products, we like to share them with you. And we recently learned of some novel uses for our Investigator Camera System.

Intended for inspection in vertical pipe situations, our Investigator system consists of a removable, adjustable 22-foot pole with a TrakSTAR camera head attached. The setup, with 2 high-intensity white LED lights, is submersible to five feet. One of our distributors reported to us that they found a good deal of interest from a representative of a law enforcement agency in using this package in searching for evidence suspected of being ditched underwater during a homicide or other investigation. Think a gun or other murder weapon tossed off a bridge into a river or lake. It’s a scenario right out of an episode of CSI, and we’re excited to think of our products playing a hero’s part in a criminal investigation!

Our pole cameras can also be used to inspect in-ground or above-ground gasoline, petroleum or other fuel storage tanks before and after cleaning to show the customer that all debris has been removed. An ideal pairing for this purpose would be our explosion-proof Omni Eye II camera, which is certified for safe working conditions in classified hazardous environments.

Pole cameras aren’t the only products of ours that can be used for alternative applications. One company reported to us that they recently attached a hazardous waste detector to one of our tractor cameras to approach potentially dangerous situations. This effectively turned our equipment into drones, used in much the same way our military uses them in situations where a human presence could present serious danger.

Do you have a story to share about a way you successfully used our products for a different application than it was intended for? We’d love to hear about your alternative product uses! Please take a moment to let us know about it, and we may share it here.