Happy Thanksgiving – We’re Thankful For You

As most folks prepare to get together with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday, we feel it’s appropriate for us all to devote at least this one day each year to reflect on how richly we’ve been blessed. That’s not true just for any individual living in this great country of ours, but also for those of us who make our livelihoods here.

It’s been an eventful and momentous year here at R. S. Technical Services. As usual, we attended and participated in dozens of industry trade shows and conferences, and were featured in several industry publications. That was, as always, interesting, fun and enlightening, as we got to visit and catch up with so many of you. We’re thankful for your continued patronage and the trust you place in our engineers and customer service people to provide what you need to get the job done and keep it working and you making money.

Quite out of the usual realm, we lost our beloved leader, Rod Sutliff, in August. That was a real blow, and of course a difficult time for us here, both personally and professionally. But if there was ever a doubt in any of our minds before, about the esteem in which this industry held our founder—and, by extension, our company—they were laid to rest along with Rod.

We cannot adequately express our immense gratitude at the outpouring of love, respect, admiration and support we received from so very many of you on Rod’s passing. All the cards, emails, phone calls and condolence gifts, and especially the attendance at Rod’s funeral, were so very welcome and greatly appreciated.

At such a time of upheaval, it’s easy to feel a bit off-kilter as you try to regain your equilibrium, and it’s no different for an entire organization as it is for an individual person. We want you to know your overwhelming support was felt and indeed helped us all return faster than we otherwise might have to the business of serving our customers and our industry. It’s what Rod would have wanted, and we just want to let you know how thankful we are for you and your part in making it happen.

We look forward to winding up this year on a strong note under continued solid leadership, and to continuing in the new year the tradition of innovation and customer commitment Rod established and engendered in every last one of us at RST.

Happy Thanksgiving. Your support remains our greatest blessing.