Making Your Equipment Your Own: Product Modifications

Among our customers are more than a few curious, handy people who just can’t leave well enough alone. They like to tinker with their tools, enhancing their functionality or making an existing feature work better by making a few product modifications.

As designers and engineers ourselves, we get that. And we’re not threatened by your creativity — we appreciate it! We understand the attraction of taking what you’re given and making a few product modifications to make it even better.

Our designers and engineers never fail to be impressed when they see what some of our clients have come up with, and many of those ideas and suggestions have indeed made their way into new product releases here at R.S. Technical Services.

Clever Customer Product Modifications

For example, we became aware that a customer had developed wash-down systems to clean his equipment after use. This client also came up with the idea of fabricating a cradle to secure the equipment while in transit from job to job. Ultimately, our designers and engineers perfected both of these ideas into the native designs and incorporated them into later models.

During show season, we get several questions each year from booth visitors concerning how we feel about customer mods to our tools and equipment. We actually have no official policy about them, as long as our users keep safety at the top of their considerations, along with functional enhancement. Of course, we do strongly suggest reading the fine print in your new product’s warranty, since alterations and modifications can void the warranty protections.

The best approach, we think, is to contact us with any ideas for improvements or enhancements to our products. Let us know:

  • what first gave you the idea
  • primary and any secondary functions you seek
  • what conditions affect this additional functionality
  • how much of a premium you’d be willing to pay for the added functionality, so we can determine cost effectiveness

We’ll try to work with you to fully develop these special features in the factory. This way, we can incorporate them in future designs, so they won’t void your product’s warranty.