Why We Exhibit at No-Dig

While most of us are hunkering down for what looks like another tough winter moving in, it’s kind of surreal to think that we’re only three months away from the 2015 NASTT No-Dig Show. That’s right, this country’s largest trenchless technology expo is almost right around the corner, taking place from March 15-19 next year in Denver. And we’ll be there, because it’s one of the few chances we get to meet current customers and new prospects in a lively but professional atmosphere where everyone’s focused on everything new and exciting in trenchless.

No-Dig: The Ideal Interactive Environment

This ideal environment allows us to discuss our customers’ challenges, learn about the applications they’re using our products in, and learn their thoughts about where they think we should focus our research and development efforts. After all, it’s our customers who drive the products we create, and there’s just no better or more effective market research than this kind of face time with them at No-Dig.

We really appreciate the chance for this kind of in-person exchange, because sometimes we can catch some body language or facial cues to see what the person maybe is thinking but not knowing how to say it. We can then ask more probing questions and clarify the features they may be looking for or the ones they’d like to see improved, then discuss how we might be able to accommodate those requests.

Most of all, No-Dig provides us with the ability to showcase our unique Single-Conductor technology. It has particular advantages in operation, maintenance and results, all of which are best communicated with a hands-on, real-life demonstration. Once a technician has held and used our tools, and seen for him/herself the very real results our products can help them achieve, we don’t have much of a sales job to do. But having that unique demonstration/education opportunity is what makes it all possible.

We look forward to No-Dig every year, and hope to see some of you there in March!