National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

Our friends at the The Florida Rural Water Association are requesting everyone’s assistance in helping promote the 10th Annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. There are many locations in the State of Florida participating in this event, being held Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

This program is an important part of the national effort to keep drugs away from places they don’t belong, particularly out of the public water supply.

It is important that everybody knows the importance of proper disposal of unwanted/unused medications. DO NOT FLUSH!

  • Flushing medications leads to water pollution.
  • Pharmaceuticals entering natural waterways can lead to birth defects in fish and other aquatic residents. There have been several cases of evidence of this already happening in many locations around the United States. These creatures can also develop open sores, and their bodily functions can shut down or alter to the point where the animal can no longer function in the wild. This in turn leads to effective toxification of species that might otherwise serve as a viable food supply for humans and other animals.
  • Municipal water supplies carrying dissolved, waterborne drugs can also endanger sewer workers, who may be exposed to toxic or allergenic substances.
  • Improperly throwing these medications in the trash can lead to accidental ingestion by children and pets, and could still lead to water pollution.

As professionals in the wastewater management industry, we are all uniquely positioned to help educate the public about this increasing danger to our water supply. Please help us spread the word!

Feel free to repost this information on your own blog and social media channels. Below are two links for you to share more information about this important program:

Thank you for your help in getting the word out.
The R.S. Technical Services team and FRWA Sourcewater & Groundwater Staff