About RST

For more than thirty years, R.S. Technical Services, Inc. (RST) has been an innovative, driving force in the design and manufacture of closed-circuit television remote inspection and monitoring cameras and accessories. Our primary customers work in water and wastewater collection and conveyance systems, mainly pipelines too small to allow man entry. Our equipment is built around single conductor technology, which accommodates all power feed and return functions in a single cable to make our equipment less bulky, easier to control and far safer to use than that built with multi-conductor technology.

In June of 2017, RST was acquired by Subsite® Electronics, a Charles Machine Works company. Subsite provides underground construction professionals with the most comprehensive suite of electronic products in the industry, including utility locators, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) guidance equipment and equipment machine controls. Both RST and Subsite Electronics were founded by innovators with true pioneering spirits.

A Company of Firsts

RST has brought many revolutionary products to the U.S. market, including:

  • First mainline color camera featuring internal lights (i.e., no protruding light heads).
  • First true pan-tilt camera with tracking lights from a U.S. manufacturer
  • First cable reels offering electrical gear selection and a true freewheeling cable drum
  • First tractor design to provide freewheeling for rapid return
  • First electronic circuit to double tractor torque without increasing needed supply current
  • First steerable storm drain tractor or large pipeline tractor
  • First U.S.-designed, explosion-proof camera and tractor approved for Class I/Division I applications
  • First universal tap-cutting control system for single conductor cameras
  • First single conductor laser & sonar profiling systems
  • First single conductor panomorphic camera system

As the needs of our customers in the pipeline inspection industry have changed, RST has been right there, in step, to provide you with:

  • rugged, dependable pipeline inspection equipment that stands up to the demanding environments they’re subjected to
  • data collection software to make sense of your inspections and meet your reporting requirements
  • vehicle installations that tie it all together

In an industry where real customer service disappears a little more each day, RST takes pride in our commitment to keep you up and running.  We’re enhancing our research & development division, re-tooling our production processes and facilities, and expanding our staff to make sure that when someone speaks of RST, they’re recommending us for our commitment to innovation, service, and quality products.

We invite you to explore our line of products and imagine how much faster, better and more cost effectively you could get your work done with our equipment on board. Feel free to contact us at your convenience with any questions or feedback you may have. As always, at RST we’re here to help.