Learn how RST equipment is playing a major role in supporting leading municipalities and contractors throughout North America. These articles provide case studies and information that demonstrate RST’s capabilities and strong commitment to our customers’ success.

Press Release

Subsite® Electronics Adds Camera  Inspection Capabilities With Acquisition Of RST

Perry, Okla., July 5, 2017 –Subsite® Electronics, a Charles Machine Works Company, has announced the acquisition of the assets of R.S. Technical Services, Inc., an innovator in the design and manufacture of closed-circuit television remote inspection and monitoring cameras. The deal adds proven camera inspection capabilities to Subsite’s robust line of Underground Awareness™ solutions.

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Pipe Explorer

Cleaner Magazine, December 2016

RST’s new RodStar camera provides an innovative solution to the common challenge of inspecting hard-to-reach laterals from a mainline sewer pipe.

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A Valley of Innovation and Independence

Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine, October 2016

Learn how Rogue Valley Sewer Services has kept rates at some of the lowest in their state and have created an amazing return on investment with RST equipment.

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Breaking Down Barriers

Cleaner Magazine, October 2016

From start-up to success story, discover how this entrepreneur builds business with RST equipment. Learn why JVT Incorporated selected our company and how it plans to add a fifth RST system to its fleet in the coming year.

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Money Machines: Remote Patrol

Cleaner Magazine, May 2016

Portable camera system reaches pipes in places typical CCTV trucks would dare not venture.

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Deep Toronto Fibre Project Demands Robust Video Inspection Equipment

Canadian Underground Infrastructure July/August 2015

Ontario contractor, Advance Underground makes short work of long pipe runs on pre-installation video inspection of PVC conduit piping for Arno Électrique Ltée

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Thinking Outside The Trench

Cleaner, April 2015

Northern California’s Miksis Services leverages strong supplier relationships and creative problem solving to stake out ‘go-to’ status

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New Braunfels Brings It In-House

Municipal Sewer and Water, April 2015

Texas Utility’s reliability-centered operations and maintenance program develops efficiency and self-sufficiency

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Growing With The Industry

Cleaner, February 2015

California contractor targets municipal work and moves beyond standard cleaning services

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Televising Equipment Aides in Infiltration Reduction

Municipal Sewer and Water, February 2015

Clear Creek Conservancy District uses lateral inspection to reduce I & I

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Built On Experience

Cleaner, January 2015

SAK Construction sets the standard for pipe rehabilitation and trenchless technology

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More For Less

Cleaner, December 2014

San Diego contractor’s smaller CCTV vehicle yields more cost-effective pipeline and manhole inspections

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Service-First Philosophy

Cleaner, September 2014

Columbus contractor puts priority on people and fosters growth by providing convenience and quality service

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CCTV Innovators

Trenchless Technology, July 2014

R.S.Technical Services, Inc., a company of firsts was featured as the cover story in Trenchless Technology. This is an interesting behind the scenes look at this 30-year old pioneer in the pipeline inspection industry and shares wonderful information about its roots, ideals and plans for the future

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A Handy Sidekick

Cleaner, June 2014

Video Pipe Inspection Inc. of Denham Springs, LA uses easement reel to shoulder the load and minimize employee fatigue

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Making a Lateral Move

Cleaner Magazine, February 2014

The Gen2 mainline and lateral-launch video-inspection camera owned by Eco Infrastructure Solutions Inc. in Lebanon, Ind., is dwarfed by the much larger vacuum trucks that produce the bulk of the company’s profits. But its impact on the company is huge nonetheless.

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Cross Trained and Quality Driven

Municipal Sewer & Water, October 2013

Santa Rose Utilities Department focuses on customer service, efficient and reuse toexceed the needs of its customers.

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Country Clean

Cleaner Magazine, July 2013

Avery Zahn, co-owner of Infra-Track in Worthing, S.D., describes himself as a 30-year-old country boy who never imagined he would be building and promoting his own sewer maintenance and repair company. Still, that’s exactly where he found himself in 2010 when he founded the company with his business partner. Infra-Track specializes in vacuuming, jetting, televising and hydroexcavation. The client list spans the municipal, industrial, commercial and agriculture sectors.

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Holistic Approach

Municipal Sewer & Water, July 2013

The Gen2 mainline and lateral-launch video-inspection camera owned by Eco Infrastructure Solutions Inc. in Lebanon, Ind., is dwarfed by the much larger vacuum trucks that produce the bulk of the company’s profits. But its impact on the company is huge nonetheless.

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Candid Camera

Underground Utilities, Spring 2013

Technical innovation has been a driving force in the development of CCTV inspection systems, which were first developed in the late 1950s.

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Innovation Meets Reality

APWA Reporter, January 2013

City of Beloit Department of Public Works Hazmat Team utilizes inspection cameras from RST in unique and innovative ways to help handle serious emergencies involving hazardous materials.

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Playing The Float

Cleaner, September 2008

At high flows in large-diameter pipes, boat or pontoon platforms provide an alternative for performing top-quality video inspections.

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Last Resort

Cleaner, May 2007

A creative contractor finds a way to repair a badly damaged culvert and prepare it for a permanent fix with CIPP lining from good inspection data findings.

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Racing Against The Clock

Municipal Sewer & Water, April 2007

A California water district teams with CCTV inspection contractors to check the condition of a 40,000-foot feeder line in just four days.

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Off-Road Warriors

Municipal Sewer & Water, April 2006

Henrico County,Va., uses modified ATVs for pipe inspection in remote rights-of-way inaccessible to standard camera vans

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Digital In The Desert

Municipal Sewer & Water, January 2006

The City of Yuma’s digital pipe inspection data acquisition system streamlines procedures, improves efficiency, and is expected to pay for itself within a year.

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