• Improve System Performance
  • Lower Operating Costs – Manpower
  • Superior Data For Condition Assessments
  • Compatible with NASSCO’s MACP Standard (MACP 7 Certification Coming)
  • Easily Source Inflow and Infiltration
  • Avoid Structural Failures
  • Increase Worker and Public Safety
  • Complete a Scan in Under 60 Seconds
  • Perform 50 or More Inspections a Day
  • One-Man Work Crew
  • Minimize Traffic Impacts Durning Surveys
  • Survey Data Instantly Accessible and Shareable
  • Economical Deployment From a Variety of Vehicles
  • Cost-Effective and High Leverage Technology
  • Completes a Manhole Scan in Under 60 Seconds
  • Fully Automated System With Manual Operation Option
  • Deploys From Inspection Vehicle, Pick Up, or ATV (For Limited Access)
  • Six High-Resolutions Cameras Capture Panoramic Imagery of Every Surface
  • Six Active 3-D Sensors Record Hundreds of Thousands of Spatial Data Points for Precise Measurements
  • Operator Monitors Scan with Tablet or Laptop
  • Automatically Transmits Scan Data Where It Can Be Reviewed at the Office
  • System Includes Scanning Unit, Cable Reel, Launching Boom, and Wireless Control Unit

• Tablet or Laptop

Power Source: 100 – 240V AC
Scan Speed: 10 ft in < 1 min
Resolution: 288 MP/scan *avg 10 ft manhole depth
3D Measurement: Six active sensors
Probe Dimensions: 25″ x 13″
Probe Weight: 28 lbs
Reel Dimensions: 20″ x 19″ x 15″
Reel Weight: 48 lbs
Manhole inspection key to collection system performance
By Denis Pollack – Published in  Waterworld Magazine


RST Introduces Advanced Manhole Inspection System
Press Release
Municipal Sewer and Water – Product Spotlight
April 2017 By Jared Raney
Pdf of Article
NASSCO Training & Re-certification – Manhole Assessment & Certification Program.


Advanced Manhole Inspection System

The Helix is our latest innovation to increase efficiency and lower costs for municipalities and contractors. It can survey a manhole in under 60 seconds enabling a one-man crew to perform over 50 manhole inspections in a single day.

The Helix has an industry-leading six high-resolution cameras that capture panoramic imagery of every surface. Six active 3-D sensors record millions of spatial data points for precision measurements. The end result is a scan so complete that users can look around the manhole and take various measurements using the provided software from the comfort and safety of the office.

The Helix is the perfect solution to streamline the rehabilitation planning for manholes, lower costs, and protect your community.

“The capabilities of the Helix have only begun to come to life and I can say with absolutely no exaggeration that our inspection results had our clients immediately as excited as us.”
Chris MacDonald, Empipe Solutions
(Contractor serving municipalities)

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