Portable Mainline Controller

Ideal For Limited Access Sites

The 1375 Portable Mainline Controller unit eliminates the need for operators to adjust power levels during an inspection by automatically increasing or decreasing the power based on the load created by the equipment attached to the single conductor cable.

The 1375 Portable Mainline Controller also includes a 15” TFT LCD flat screen monitor, on-screen footage display and a Digital Video Recorder to record video in MPEG 4 format onto a media card, USB thumb drive or external hard drive.

The unit is enclosed in a Pelican® waterproof and crush proof compact case that measures 18.43″x14.43″x7.62″and weighs only 13 lbs. Options include Data Display Plus text writer and data collection software. (Shown with optional-use sunshade.)

  • Compatible with all Subsite cameras and tractors
  • 1,000 Feet of single conductor cable when paired with our Compact Portable Reel (CPR)
  • Capability of inspecting 4” to 200” pipelines
  • The ideal system for pipeline inspection in easements, off-road manholes or other difficult-access job sites

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