Quick Peek

Drain Line Inspections Fast and Easy

Our all-in-one, fully portable Quick Peek video inspection system is a compact, lightweight solution for drainline condition assessment.

The 7.0” bright LCD monitor, conveniently located on the handle, can easily be positioned to a comfortable viewing angle for the operator and is equipped with an adjustable sun shield/screen protector.

Easily accessible monitor controls include power mode, aspect ratio (screen size)
and menu, plus set buttons for color, brightness, contrast, tint and volume.
The side mounted AC/DC power source houses controls for all camera functions, and provides a camera test terminal, AC/DC input, video/audio output, keyboard input and a condenser microphone with on/off switch.

Optional SD digital card recorder, laptop interface and WiFi interface are available to enhance inspection data recording and reporting capabilities.

  • Inspect 2” – 10” diameter lines up to 300’ in length
  • High resolution, low lux, color camera
  • Fully locatable with 512Hz in-line transmitter
  • 7” LCD monitor with protective sun shield
  • AC/DC input
  • Keyboard for annoatation
  • Video/audio output
  • Microphone
  • Battery power option
  • Self-leveling camera
  • 512Hz Receiver with depth readout (also available in Deluxe Version)
  • Battery pack, on board or external
  • Roller skid for 6”, 8” and 10” straight runs
  • Laptop interface
  • SD card recorder
  • WiFi interface

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