Sonar Profiler

Real-Time Continuous Scanning

The Subsite single conductor Sonar Profiling system includes an underwater scanning transducer which may be mounted on a skid or flotation device, a sonar processor unit and the Subsite single conductor interface components.

The underwater scanning unit is housed in a stainless steel pressure vessel and works on up to 2,000’ of armored single conductor cable.

As the scanner is moved through the pipe, an indication of the distance traveled is shown on the screen allowing for accurate determination of the location of defects in the pipe.

Internal sensors monitor and display Pitch and Roll indicators in analogue and digital form on the screen to show the orientation of the transducer unit.

  • Real time continuous scanning over a full 360º in 1 second
  • Windows® user-friendly software with USB hardware minimizes training time
  • Direct capture to hard disk for high resolution image, save and restore
  • Dual tracking cursor for accurate on-screen measurements
  • Internal pitch and roll sensors
  • Quadrature and compatible cable counter interfaces are built in
  • 1500ft Cable drive as standard, fiber-optic system optional
  • Automatic profile detection and output in ASCII format for import into third-party 3D modelling software

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